We deliver the MTB, and we pick it up again.
Accessories such as Tube, bicycle helmet, clothing etc. are available.
It's the easiest way to rent a Mountainbike in Salzburg.

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Rent a Mountainbike in Salzburg

Enjoy the wonderful mountains in Salzburg.
Secluded paths, crystal-clear mountain lakes, explore green meadows by mountain bike.

Or would you like to ride the Danube-Classic Cycle Path, the Alps-Adriatic bike path or just the beautiful Salzkammergut?
We equip your bike with paniers and an extended rescue pack - no extra costs.
Helmet, Tools, extra-tube and pump is included for free.

Hire a Mountain Bike: Step 1

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or email:
What's your size ?
Some equipment needed ?
What's the adress of your Hotel or Airbnb ?
Do you need a special config ?
Delivering time/date of your MTB?

Hire a Mountain Bike: Step 2

Free Delivering of the Mountain Bike
We deliver the bicycle directly to your address.
We fit the bike for you !
Your bike is fitted with :
Rescue Pack, includes tools, pump, extra-tube and a lock.
Enjoy your ride !

Rent a Mountain Bike: Step 3

Free Pick Up of the Mountain Bike
Call or text us when you're finish with biking.
Give the bike to the reception, or turn it off, as previously agreed
See you in Salzburg !


  Rent 1 day   49 Euro
  Rent 1 week 249 Euro
  Delivery / Pickup free of charge
  Helmet, Bottle free of charge
  Click Pedals free of charge
  Cycling Pants, T-Shirts, maps on request

The bikes are equipped with : Tools, extra tube,bicycle-lock and a pump.

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